project management by pexoll

Management of complex projects within the industry is no simple task. Each sector has its own specific preconditions.

We have years of experience as project managers at various industries. From pilot research to turnkey delivery of a project.

from pre-engineering to project monitoring

From cheese factory to coffee roasting and from chemistry to pharmacy. We focus on the realization of completely new installations and modifications to existing ones. We have long-term relationships with many of our clients. Our knowledge and experience and our extensive network of institutes and technology partners are available to you.

But not our story is important. Your situation and experiences interest us. You know your company better than any outsider. This gives the best starting position to search with an open mind in consultation with you for the best solution.

pexoll project management activities

  • guidance and execution of preliminary studies;
  • preparation and recording of specifications, deadlines, milestones, schedules and budgets;
  • making basic design and execution of general engineering for production processes;
  • assessment of plans, planned investments and feasibility studies;
  • design and management of a project team;
  • management of engineering teams and (sub) contractors;
  • recording order specifications and supervising purchase processes;
  • implementation and realization of plans;
  • set-up protocols for Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and Site Acceptance Testing (SAT);
  • guidance FAT and SAT;
  • turn key project management.