Pexoll - project management food processing industries and chemical industries

project managers in food and chemical industry

Pexoll is a compact company for turnkey project management in food and chemical industries. We distinguish ourselves by:

  • broad knowledge and a long-term international hands-on experience when it comes to process installations, greenfield projects, basic design, project budgeting and project management, HACCP system and EHEDG guidelines;
  • an extensive international network of specialists that we would like to use for you;
  • thorough market knowledge;                         
  • a helicopter view and a large analyzing power;
  • a no-nonsense mentality.

where do we deploy our project management?

Pexoll takes great care of you. As experienced project managers in food and chemical industries, we supervise:

  • a wide range of mechanical engineering activities
  • the construction of your greenfield plant or plant;
  • the renovation or expansion of your company
  • projects in which measurement, control and process techniques are essential;
  • projects involving bulk handling, drying techniques, packaging techniques,
  • projects that have to do with a cleanroom environment.

how do we deploy our project management?

The client determines
We aim for long-term business relationships. When you work with Pexoll, you remain full captain on your own ship. You know your company like no other.
You may already have a possible solution in mind. We are happy to discuss this with you. You keep a good feeling with our project management.

Project preparation and management
With our helicopter view and our analytical capacity, we can assess together with you what is required for your project and what turnaround time it will take. You determine how the budget is managed during the execution of the project. If your multiple decides that the project needs to be plugged in differently, we will definitely come to a solution, thanks to a large degree of flexibility.

our history and the added value of pexoll

Small and decisive
In our project management we show a work mentality on which you can build as a client. As partners we know each other through and through. Thanks to a shared history and individual professional development, we form a small team that manages to realize large projects with few people.

ClairTech - MEC
Cor Dammers and Marco Prins worked intensively together at ClairTech BV in the late eighties to the second half of the nineties. This small start-up in environmental technology quickly grew into a world market leader in systems for biological treatment of waste gases. In 1996 Monsanto EnviroChem (MEC) took over the company. Then the range of techniques was greatly expanded.

Bundling forces
As colleagues, we went on independently after several years of MEC. We managed extensive projects in most countries in Europe, the US, Asia, Egypt and Lebanon.
After having worked together ad-hoc for years, we have been joining forces since 2016 and we later decided to establish Pexoll BV.

Added value in project management
Together we have already built up a large international network before Pexoll with a variety of mainly technical disciplines. As a close-knit Pexoll triumvirate, we do not let each other and our clients fall. In difficult situations we always find a solution, with or without the aid of our important network. There you will find the added value of a collaboration with Pexoll.